her hair

her hair runs down her shoulders
warm summer rain in the midst of the day
her hair brings spring into the eyes
and morning on the face
her hair smells of laughter
and of bright blue skies
her hair slow dances with light
at the break of every dawn
her hair speaks of books
yet to have been written
and of long forgotten childhood dreams
her hair is a world full of wonder
where knights save princesses from ivory towers
whilst dragons fly away into the sunset
her hair is mountain rivers
and sandy beaches
white peaks
and green meadows
her hair is the beginning of endless tales
and the happy end of every story



  1. Zuzu · April 19, 2014

    Congrats on the new website!
    Arata promitator


    • misterchocolate · April 19, 2014

      mulțumesc frumos pentru aprecieri, Ana! ești mereu binevenită aici!


  2. Zuzu · April 20, 2014

    Multumesc! Si tu la fel, desi eu scriu f rar…


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